Rundabordetsamtal med David Morgan, Jay Taylor och Ted Ohashi

Ett ”rundabordetsamtal” som leds av Ted Ohashi med David Morgan och Jay Taylor. De diskuterar silver, guld, guldstandard, gruvbolag, budgetunderskott, fiat-valuta, inflation och deflation. Deltagarna presenterar sig själva i början av videon.

Lite minnesvärda citat ur videon:

Jay Taylor (19:42 t.): ”Dave mentioned that he doesn’t think the con game (fiat-money system) can go on forever and the reason I would agree with that, the reason I think he is right about that is beacause more and more people are finding out, in their real lives, every day, that it doesn’t work. It is not an academic exercise, the academicians are the last ones to get it. I like to say that the most disadvantaged poeple in understanding these markets are people form fancy instituitons woth PhD:s behind their names, because they have been trianed and programed to believe in, not the way that the world works, but the way somebody designed it to work, Keynes wants it to work.”

David Morgan (21:25 t.): ”……. don’t think of your wealth in terms of how many dollars does the silver convert to, how many dollars does this gold convert to. Ask yourself a very simple question: At the end of 2012, do I have more precious metal then I had in the beginning of 2012? By definition and troughout all off history you actually are wealthier, if you had more coins, than you were if you had less then the year before.”

David Morgan (22:25 t.): ”……. I think the best thing ……. is to start with coins, the lowest unit denomination possible. I mean if you saved enough to buy 100 oz. bars, for example, now you’ve got a one-off. In other words you’ve got to make one really good decision on when to sell that 100 oz. Whereas if you bought a hundred coins, it is the equivalent to that, you can sell one coin, ten coins, five coins, whatever, so that is what I like people to start with.”

Videon sändes för första gången den 7 Mars 2012.

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